Shots of Knowledge

Shots of Knowledge: The Science of Whiskey is a guidebook for whiskey lovers. We worked with TCU Press and F&R Distillery to create a book that explains whiskey production through the lenses of science and engineering. The book is organized into sixty illustrated essays with three part openers. Our design focused on large images with clean typography to guide the reader through the pages. The book features case binding, french folded dust jacket, foil stamped spine and custom end sheets.

The Norton Trilogy

The Norton Trilogy, written by notable historian Jack L. August Jr. follows the lives of John R. Norton and John R. Norton, Jr. as they shaped the beginnings of Arizona farming — their expansion into diverse crops paved the way for modern agribusiness as it responded to new water irrigation policies. Our goal for the design was to respect the historical nature of the text with a simple, straightforward typographical hierarchy to guide the reader though the pages.

El Paso 120

We worked with photographer Mark Paulda and TCU Press to create El Paso 120. The book is full of Paulda’s photographs, from landscapes to aerial shots. Paulda subverts the notion that El Paso is merely a desert city in the middle of nowhere by taking his audience on journeys to striking destinations within a 120-mile radius of the border city. For the design, the dramatic photographs, negative space and minimal text tell the story. El Paso 120 includes full-bleed topographical section openers, recycled end sheets and foil stamp case cover.

DFW Deco

DFW Deco explores the full range of modernistic building styles and some of the uniquely Texan influences that shaped the growing cities of North Texas. We worked with TCU Press, David Bush and Jim Parsons to bring this Art Deco architecture book to life. The book is divided into seven sections with over 450 images and includes case binding, dust jacket, foil stamped spine and custom end sheets. DFW Deco earned the Texas State Historical Association’s award for Best Illustrated Book on Texas History and Culture.